SEO considerations

Bloggrify is SEO friendly.

By default the language of the blog is set to "en" in the nuxt.config.ts file. You can change it to your language.

export default {
  head: {
    htmlAttrs: {
      lang: 'en'

Open Graph and Twitter cards

This blog uses the useHead composables to add metadata to the head of the pages.

All pages have a default title and description. You can tweak the image, title and description of each page in the frontmatter of the markdown file.

This is highly recommended to do so to have a good SEO, not even mentioning that your blog will look broken if you don't define title for each page...


Performance are an important part of SEO. Here is the lighthouse score of this blog:

index pageblog post
index pageblog post

Performance could vary depending on the server and the network and images you use in your blog.