First method, start from a theme

To start a new blog with Bloggrify, you have to choose a theme to start with.

You can start with "Mistral", the default template. It is a simple and clean template but you can also look at the other templates available.

Once you have chosen a template, you can start a new project with the following command:

  1. Clone the theme repository:
git clone bloggrify
  1. Install the dependencies from the root of the project.
npm install
yarn install
pnpm install --shamefully-hoist
  1. Run the dev command to start Bloggrify in development mode:
npm run dev
yarn dev
pnpm run dev
✨ Well done! A browser window should automatically open for http://localhost:3000

Second method, start from scratch

TODO I'll write this section. In the meantime, you should start from the mistral template (or another one) and then customize it to your needs.