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Bloggrify is a static blog generator built on top of Nuxt.js and Nuxt-content providing everything you need to start writing your blog hassle-free AND for free.

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Include powerful features

Built-in integrations

Save time with built-in integrations like Hyvor Talk for comments, Pirsch for analytics, RssFeedPulse for newsletter or static search.

SEO friendly

Manage everything for you, open graph meta tags, twitter cards, and sitemap

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Markdown with components

Write your articles in markdown, including graphs, math functions and custom components to enhance your content.

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Generate your RSS feed and let your readers follow your blog.


Choose from a variety of themes to start your blog with a beautiful design or build your own .

Free hosting

You can host your blog for free on Vercel, Netlify, Cloudflare-pages or GitHub Pages.

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Mistral template

Multiple templates available

Choose from a variety of templates to start your blog with a beautiful design.

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Support Bloggrify

Following are ways you can support Bloggrify’s development: